January 19, 2018

Feedback: Letters to LJ, November 1, 2012 Issue

Outreach now My problem after 25-plus years as a professional is that I no longer get to do the things I got into this profession to do (Cheryl LaGuardia, “The Key to Long-Term Library Sanity,” Not Dead Yet, ow.ly/e0ZLL). I never gave a hoot about teaching someone to read quality literature, I just liked to […]

Little Free Libraries | Office Hours

If you’re looking for an exciting, community-focused project, check out LFLs. Get your library interested in sponsoring one or more LFLs or offer programming to help neighborhoods. If you’re working in a mostly digital environment, consider stewarding your own LFL in your neighborhood. The benefits and rewards will recharge you.

Indianapolis Microlibrary Is on the Move

Indianapolis’s first mobile microlibrary, which held its grand opening August 18, is already growing. The 8’x10’ wood hutch and trailer, dubbed “The Cottage” for its location in the eastside neighborhood of the same name, houses hundreds of lendable titles, and is ready to fill more shelves. Because it’s mobile, The Cottage does not require a […]

Little Libraries Sprout Across the Country

Since LJ reported on the Little Free Library project last August, the idea has begun to spread beyond its home state of Wisconsin. Meanwhile, New York City dwellers create some tiny libraries of their own.

Why the Occupy Wall Street Movement Has Libraries | Peer to Peer Review

In the first news stories, the fact that Occupy Wall Street had a library seemed a bit whimsical, sort of like that iconic photo of a dancer perched on the back of the equally iconic statue of a charging bull. How funny! A library for a group that has no leaders and no rules? It […]