April 16, 2014

Urban Librarians Unite Plants Mini Libraries, Plans Conference

ULU mini library at Brooklyn Public Library's closed Red Hook branch

  Urban Librarians Unite (ULU) collected more than 20,000 children’s books to help replace library collections damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The library advocacy and support group, founded by 2012 LJ Mover & Shaker Christian Zabriskie, also placed Mini Libraries in front of libraries that were closed by storm damage. Locations include Queens Library branches in […]

ReadersFirst, Vendors Search for a New Lending Model

On a late rainy Monday afternoon at the end of the American Library Association’s Midwinter meeting, 39 leading librarians and library vendors gathered for about 90 minutes around a horseshoe-arrangement of tables on the fourth floor of the Seattle Public Library to discuss how to create a new lending experience. The group came together at [...]

NYPL Receives Surprisingly Large Bailey Bequest

Mary McConnell Bailey lived a quiet life, according to the New York Post. She’d been supporting the library, in her quiet way, since the 1970s. When she passed away in 2011 at the age of 88, the library knew it would receive some further remembrance. But nothing on the scale of what it finally got.

For All the People of NYPL | Blatant Berry

John Berry III's handwritten signature

To mollify a chorus of protests from some of the intellectual elite of the city and the nation, Tony Marx, president of the New York Public Library (NYPL), got Abby and Howard Milstein to put up the money to make space at 42nd Street to store 3.3 million volumes of 4.5 million planned for remote storage. It was an expensive but responsive move, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Ada Louise Huxtable, the grand dame of architectural critics who writes for Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

New York City Libraries Relatively Unscathed; New Jersey Still Taking Stock

After the storm, the door count doubled at the Piscataway, NJ Public Library.

(This story was last updated at 12:15 p.m. on Nov. 8) As New York City public transportation crawls back to life and New Yorkers struggle to resume their lives after Sandy, those seeking refuge–or simply reading materials–will be able to plug in and warm up at 88 of the New York Public Library (NYPL)’s 90 […]

NYPL Crowdsources Interpretations of John Cage

NYPL Crowdsources Interpretations of John Cage

This month, the New York Public Library (NYPL) is celebrating the centennial of Cage’s birthday with a live event on September 27 and the publication of John Cage’s Prepared Piano, a new edition of their Point iBook periodical series. The evening event also offered NYPL an opportunity to highlight the ongoing development of John Cage Unbound: A Living Archive, a new website that showcases the John Cage manuscript collection housed at NYPL’s Library for the Performing Arts, as well as videos in which professional musicians, students, and others explain how they prepare and perform works by Cage.

Something Old, Something New: Dicing Data At NYPL Labs | Cover Story

Something Old, Something New: Dicing Data At NYPL Labs | Cover Story

The home base for the New York Public Library (NYPL) Labs is a strange mix of old and new. A bunch of modern cubicles hover incongruously amid the stately marble walls of what used to be a courtyard in the venerable Schwarzman Building, before the need for more space convinced the library to press it into service. It’s not a bad metaphor for what the labs do: turn the library’s substantial historical holdings into something new, useful, and a little bit quirky.

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The Road to the Library is Paved with Inspired Quotations

The two blocks of East 41st Street that lead to the landmarked Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, the largest of The New York Public Library (NYPL)’s research libraries, have a tale to tell, but to read it, you must walk with your eyes cast down at your shoes. Inset in the pavement are 96 beautifully sculpted rectangular bronze plaques with literary quotations and whimsical illustrations.

Update: NYC Budget Restores Most Library Funding

This article has been updated to include information on the final vote. The New York City budget restored nearly $90 million of a threatened $96 million cut to public libraries in an agreement announced June 25. The City Council approved the fiscal year 2013 budget agreement on June 28. The budget also includes more than […]

NYC Libraries Consider Common Card

Distribution of new “common” library cards to more than a million school children in New York City this summer is viewed as tangible progress toward the more far-reaching goal of creating the first unified, seamless library experience for residents in all five boroughs.