February 27, 2017

Self-Help Meets God: A Classic Approach | Collection Development

Self-Help Meets God: A Classic Approach | Collection Development

Self-help: the term evokes the busier aisles of the bookstore and some of the most popular ranges in any local public library. It is also, as we know, a category of writing, publishing, and reading subjected to a great deal of mockery and satire in the public sphere and, perhaps, deservedly so: there is a kind of rapid reach for easy conclusions and at times a haste in writing and structure that leaves self-help writers and readers vulnerable to the most contemptuous sort of criticism.

Mind Body Spirit Spring Announcement 2012


Thursday, January 26, 2012 at 3:00 PM ET Representatives from Inner Traditions, Sounds True, New World Library and New Page Books will talk about their forthcoming titles: “The Complete Life of Krishna,” “The New Science and Spirituality Reader,” Mindfulness for Beginners, “Unified Theory of Happiness,” “Rethinking Depression” and “Brain Power.” This webcast is moderated by LJ’s Spiritual Reading columnist, Graham Christian.

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