January 22, 2018

Mr. Mercedes Snags Best Novel | Edgar Awards 2015

Mr. Mercedes, Stephen King’s foray into hard-boiled crime fiction, was named the Best Novel at the Mystery Writers of America’s 69th Annual Edgar Awards banquet.

Steve Jobs, Harry Houdini, and Beyoncé | What We’re Reading

This week, Library Journal and School Library Journal staffers are dipping into some classics (both new and old) of the horror genre, taking behind-the-scenes looks at today’s technology, and looking at historical figures with new eyes.

Stephen King To Help Fund Library Roof Replacement

Writer Stephen King is known for many things: suspenseful storytelling, horror tales, and literary rock band music. But another long-time role is now capturing worldwide attention: library philanthropist. The Bangor Public Library announced last week that Stephen and his wife and fellow author Tabitha King will donate $3 million toward the library’s $9 million renovation, redesign, and capital campaign, as long as the library can find other funds to reach the rest of its goal.