October 27, 2016

Year in Architecture 2015: Working in Harmony

Architecture 2015 header

The 123 triumphant academic and public library construction projects that we’re highlighting are large and small, dear and frugal, cautiously attentive to historic character and wildly beyond what some consider “typical” library design. Yet all feature what is at the core of today’s library, the cohesion between service and the community.Among these facilities, completed between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015, are eight buildings judged to be the best examples of replicable public library models, Library Journal’s New Landmark Libraries and Honorable Mentions. They are noted on the tables that follow and received a lot of ink in our fall Library by Design supplement, mailed with the September 15 issue. Check them out.

Year in Architecture 2015: Elbowroom & More


Building projects at the Iowa’s Ames Public Library, the Ohio’s Whitehall Branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library, Gulf Gate Library in Sarasota, FL, and more.

Year in Architecture 2015: Vaulted Learning Environments


Academic building projects go to great heights at Syracuse University School of Law Library, Vaughn College Aeronautical Academic Library, Southern New Hampshire University Library Learning Commons, and more.

Year in Architecture 2015: Shine the Light


Brilliant (literally and figuratively): Denver’s Sheridan Library; the huge addition and renovation at the Slover Library, Norfolk, VA; Hennepin County’s Excelsior branch, MN; and more.

Year in Architecture 2015: Benchmarks


Colorful, expansive and whimsical design at the Central & Unser Library, Albuquerque, NM; Sun Ray Library, St. Paul; and the Charleswood Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Year in Architecture 2015: Boston Meets Brooklyn


Phase 1 of construction is complete at Boston Public Library’s Johnson Building, Central Library; students and faculty are “reflective” about the Charles Evans Inness Memorial Library, Medgar Evers College, City University of New York, Brooklyn.

Year in Architecture 2015: …Sit Right Down


Get comfortable at the Manhattan Beach Library, County of Los Angeles; the Beechview Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; South Hadley Public Library, MA; and more.

Year in Architecture 2015: A Fitting Tribute


The Riverside Library and Cultural Center, High Plains Library District, Evans, CO, on the site of a former school, fits within its historic residential neighborhood. Local artist Frank Garza added his touch with the mural that adorns the front of the building.

Year in Architecture 2015: Out-Front & Open Design


Higher ed ramps up with building projects at Felician College Libraries Education Commons, NJ; University of Tennessee Chattanooga Library; California’s Las Positas Community College Library; and more.

Year in Architecture 2015: Academic Library Data


For the Year in Architecture 2015, Library Journal solicited information from academic libraries nationwide that had undergone new builds and renovation/addition projects completed between July 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015. The tables below comprise complete financial and construction statistics for the 21 academic library buildings submitted.