September 20, 2017

White Papers / Case Studies

At times, our sponsors make available valuable insights in the form of complimentary white papers or case studies that they wish to share with our audience. You’ll find descriptions and download links for these documents below. (All require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)

Sponsor: ByWater Solutions

Posted: Jun 2017

Why Now is the Time to Move to a Collaborative Web Based ILS Platform

More and more libraries are finding that their proprietary, client based ILS products are no longer fulfilling their needs. Locked down systems that provide little in the way of open collaboration and interoperability are losing ground to more progressive, lightweight platforms that are open to working with other third party systems and provide unfettered access to the libraries’ own data. Learn how a public library system replaced their client based proprietary ILS and how that change opened doors to other improvements within their library that they never would have explored otherwise.

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Sage Publishing

Sponsor: SAGE

Posted: Apr 2017

Academic Insights:
Innovation From LJ Movers Class of 2016

As change comes to academic institutions of all types—four-year colleges and universities, community colleges, technical and vocational schools, and professional schools—their library services are changing as well. LJ’s 2016 Academic Movers present a snapshot of some of the large and small shifts happening on campuses worldwide. The interviews featured in this collection, sponsored by SAGE Publishing, offer a closer look at the innovative work they’re doing to meet those changes head-on.

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Agati logo

Sponsor: Agati

Posted: Mar 2017

A Practical Guide to Choosing
the Right Furniture for Your Library

What integral elements  of design and construction create the most effective library furniture for contemporary libraries? Because the answer is not always obvious, AGATI has compiled all dimensions of our experience building furniture for academic and public libraries into a short paper just for librarians looking to create the best learning environments possible for their patrons.

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Sponsor: Userful

Posted: Feb 2017

10 Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating Public Computing Solutions

When searching for the right public computing solution, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options out there. Librarians always want to ensure they’re getting the best solution for their needs. Knowing the right questions to ask saves time, and ensures librarians make a good purchase decision. This document outlines the 10 Key Questions to Ask When Evaluating Public Computing Solutions. It is a must-have for all library technology decision-makers.

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Sponsor: Gale Cengage Learning

Posted: August 2016

Learn How Public Libraries Can Deliver Accredited High School Diplomas to Adults

Read about Denver Public Library’s (DPL) solution to a challenge uncovered in their community needs assessment—14 percent of their adults population did not complete high school.

To address this local educational crisis, DPL implemented the program Career Online High School, a high school completion program that allows libraries to offer accredited high school diplomas and career certificates to adult learners.

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Sponsor: School Outfitters

Posted: May 2016

Finding New Life in an Old Space:
Making the move from library to media center

The very idea of libraries is evolving. Traditional hushed, book-lined environments are being replaced by contemporary workspaces and becoming hubs of collaboration. School Outfitters had an opportunity to work with a local school to modernize their space, transforming it from a sparsely-populated room to one of the busiest in the building.

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Gale_Logo_600x14014M-GL0452 Analytics On Demand logo_final_72dpi

Sponsor: Gale Cengage Learning

Posted: April 2016

Data-Driven Decision Making Ideally Locates New Library Construction

How well do you know your community? Who are they? What are they interested in? How do you know?

Public libraries are the core of their communities and with Analytics On Demand, you can take data-driven decision making and community engagement to the next level.

Learn how Dedham Public Library determined where to build new library and developed new services with Gale’s Analytics On Demand.

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Sponsor: Book Systems

Posted: March 2016

The Challenge: Combining a Robust ILS with Ease of Implementation and Use

Not many libraries migrate to a new integrated library system (ILS) twice in one year – but the Blount County Public Library (BCPL) did! This case study explores BCPL Director, K.C. Williams’ experience and their decision to leave the statewide system and implement Atriuum to meet their needs.

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Sponsor: Comprise

Posted: June 2013

How You Can Benefit from Self Service Payments!

Every day, Spartanburg County Public Libraries uses Comprise’s revolutionary unified payment solution to process tens of thousands of dollars in payments for print services, fines and fees, and donations; most of it without staff involvement! Libraries that have executed the unified payment system have seen their total revenues grow, perfect audits, and happier staff & patrons, which the Spartanburg County Public Libraries can vouch for.

Comprise offers the only PCI-compliant Unified Payment System encompassing point of sale, online, and in-library self-service transactions with a full portfolio of consolidated reports. Our system is compatible with all leading ILS. We work directly with our customers and are committed to their satisfaction 24/7. Learn how your library can begin building a Unified Payment System and offer convenience to your patrons at the same time!

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Sponsor: Infor

Posted: April 2013

See How Kingston Frontenac PL Created a One-Stop Discovery Resource for Patrons

Increasingly, libraries are looking to replace the traditional online catalog with a discovery layer that’s more engaging and visually appealing. A new approach to discovery combines the catalog with the library’s website. Now library users have a single environment to explore not only collections, but also the wide array of services the library offers.

Iguana is a web portal and discovery platform that brings a library’s website and catalog together in one environment. Implemented world-wide, Iguana is becoming the platform of choice for libraries looking to revamp their web presence while providing users a best-in-breed discovery service. At Kingston Frontenac Public Library in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the library has seen the benefits: more engaged users who explore collections and partake in the many services that the library offers.

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