February 16, 2018

Online Databases – EBSCO Creates Curriculum Online

Package contains more than 50,000 articles; link to Wiley

By Michael Rogers

EBSCO Publishing has combined six subject-specific reference series to create the Curriculum Online Package, which is accessible via EBSCO host. According to the publisher, the package contains ‘over 50,000 full-text articles’ from an assortment of magazines, newspapers, and journals in the areas of U.S. history, world history, physical science, earth and space science, civics, and language arts. Curriculum Online was developed through partnerships with McREL (Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning) and MetaMetrics, Inc. Teachers can customize the product to meet their particular needs.

Link to Wiley journals

EBSCO also is upping its content with the addition of PsycARTICLES to EBSCOhost. The database includes more than 25,000 articles gleaned from 38 journals published by the American Psychological Association and four journals from other sources. The articles cover both general psychology and specific subjects such as applied, clinical, and theoretical research. Along with the articles, the database includes letters to the editor and errata. Full text is available back to 1988 for a majority of the journals.

Additionally, EBSCO has cut a deal with John Wiley & Sons to link the EBSCO service to more than 300 scientific, technical, medical, and professional journals available online through Wiley InterScience.

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