February 23, 2018

ALA Rejects Independent Press Task Force

By LJ Staff

Officers of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Exhibitors Round Table
rejected a proposal for an Independent Press Task Force at their January 21
meeting. The proposal for the new group was submitted by exhibitor Charles
Willet, who represented roughly half a dozen publishers ghettoized in the
alternative press area, where few librarians tread. Willet asserted that “small
publishers feel lost” among the show floor’s Goliaths at ALA, and claims that a
separate task force would give the companies a stronger voice and help them
attract more attendees, resulting in more business and distribution and use of
their books. The Exhibitors Round Table members rejected Willet’s proposal on
the grounds that it is not accepting new task forces at this time, but urged him
to submit a brief mission statement outlining the group’s needs for
consideration on the spring agenda.