April 26, 2018

Librarians Win $25 Million in Race Bias Suit Against Atlanta-Fulton PL

By LJ Staff

A group of women librarians proved victorious in their racial bias suit
against the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, GA, when they were awarded $25
million by a jury on January 16. The eight white women claimed they were
illegally demoted and reassigned from the downtown branch to achieve “racial
equality.” The jury found that the library was not liable, ordering the county
to pay the plaintiffs $16 million in punitive damages plus an additional $9
million for fees, etc. At the time the suit was filed, the eight women quoted
Board Chair William McClure after a tour of the library as saying, “There are
too many old, white women” in management positions. McClure has denied that race
was a factor in the reassignments. Though the jury found the county at fault,
the Fulton County Taxpayers Association claims the library board and its
director are to blame and taxpayers should not be held accountable, and asked
the judge to reduce the librarians’ award.