April 23, 2018

Texas State Library Launches Lone Star Libraries Program

By LJ Staff

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has bestowed $2.9 million in
funds to libraries throughout the state to launch a new program dubbed: Lone
Star Libraries. Unlike most grant programs where funding is awarded for a
specific purpose, the Lone Star Libraries allows participators to apply the
money toward any area they desire, whether it be to expand collections or keep
an existing program running longer, it is completely up the individual library’s
discretion. Noting that Texas is one of the few states that does not provide
direct aid to libraries, State Library Director Peggy Rudd said that one goal of
the program is to increase library access for all Texans, no matter where they
live. “Loan Star Libraries encourages libraries to open their collection
free-of-charge to those outside their legal service areas by offering incentives
to remove these barriers.”