April 19, 2018

Directors Collared for Abuse of Library Credit Cards

By LJ Staff

Two library directors are facing jail time because of alleged abuse of the
library credit cards. Christine Shafer, director of the Bristol Public Library,
VA, pleaded guilty March 14 to embezzling more than $5300 through 36 personal
cash advances and purchases made over a four-month period in 2001. She will be
sentenced later and faces as much as 20 years in prison. She has paid back the
library in full, so that may result in a lighter sentence. Shafer had been the
director since January 2001. Mooresville, NC, also filed charges against its
former library director, claiming that Karen Khan used a town credit card to
rack up more than $5000 in personal charges. Khan resigned in August 2001 after
14 years in that post.