April 19, 2018

KY Teachers Seek Massive Book Review

By Kathy Ishizuka

A group of parents and teachers in Russell Springs, KY, wants about 30 titles
dealing with witchcraft and ghosts removed from the Russell County High School
library. The books include World’s Most Famous Ghosts (Turtleback, 1994)
by Daniel Cohen, Embraced by the Light (Penguin, 1978) by Betty J. Eadie,
and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. A review of the proposal cannot begin
until someone files a formal complaint, says the school’s principal, Roger

About 30 people who oppose the ban attended a March 12 school council meeting
to defend school librarian Donna Foley and her selection of books. Donnie
Wilkerson, a local businessman says, “I think none of the books should be taken
away–leave that to parents to make that decision.”

This case is unusual because teachers, rather than parents, helped initiate
the complaint, and the request calls for the banning of such a large amount of
books, says the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual