March 17, 2018

Lorrie Ann Butler | Movers & Shakers 2002

I Can Do That

“Consumate professional and tireless member of the Denver Public Library”

When you’serve as Lorrie Ann Butler, it can be dangerous just to deliver a file to the administrative offices, because sure as shooting, somebody will say, “Lorrie, can you help me on this project?” And she will say, “Sure, I can do that.” No matter what’s already on her plate, or whether it’s in her job description, she takes it on. Librarian Jennifer Steeth says Butler simply has no fear of new challenges.

That’s why in 17 years on the job Butler has progressed from teen volunteer and library shelver to circulation supervisor to data training coordinator. She’s the trouble-shooter who is responsible for the circulation system, the web site, and the automated phone system. She’s also in charge of systemwide training, policies and procedures, database management, customer service resolution, staff scheduling and hiring, and new project coordination.

Butler is comfortable with the technology, but when she gets her MLS some day, she hopes to do more public service work. Her current challenge is working to create a Young People’s Library. As a former teen volunteer and lifelong Denver resident, she believes that giving other teens the kind of opportunities she had in the library will also make Denver a better place for families. She has spent the past several months working with recreation centers, homeless shelters, youth groups, and social service agencies building a coalition, exchanging ideas, and discussing funding. Her next project is learning to write grant proposals.


Current position: Data Training Coordinator, Denver Public Library

Latest project: Young People’s Library

When Butler isn’t not tweaking machines or attending meetings or writing planning documents, she’s completing her B.A. in art history. Such spare time as she has is spent traveling with her husband and four-year-old daughter visiting museums and admiring great architecture.

Celeste Jackson, Denver PL’s PR manager, calls Butler a “consummate professional and tireless member of the Denver Public Library.” Steeth says, “Lorrie is the one everyone can call to get a quick and accurate answer about anything in the library, as well as a role model and mentor to many.” She is living proof that the best place to find the next generation of librarians is among the paraprofessionals who are already helping us serve our public.