March 16, 2018

Peggy Hoon | Movers & Shakers 2002

Blazing a New Path

“Libraries are very the physical expression of the term ‘scholarly communication'”

In addition to a law degree and her experience in academic libraries, it is rather fitting that Peggy Hoon also holds a degree in nursing. After all, academic libraries today are suffering from many longstanding afflictions–rampant serials inflation, licensing issues, and increasingly murky copyright laws in the digital age. But like a good nurse, Hoon, in her specially crafted role as scholarly communication librarian at North Carolina State University, is treating the illness, rather than just the symptoms.

“My work here at NC State has been particularly interesting and rewarding because of the keen interest this library, as well as this campus–from its faculty to its highest level of administrators–has shown in the issues surrounding problems in the scholarly communication system,” says Hoon.


Current position: Scholarly Communication Librarian, North Carolina State University, Raleigh

Degree: J.D., University of Washington

Road warrior: Hoon travels extensively to help librarians manage the challenges in scholarly communication

Indeed, Hoon has helped blaze a new path for academic librarianship. After serving as a copyright specialist for Washington State University in Pullman, Hoon joined the NC State libraries in 1998. Her title reflects the role she has played throughout her career: she has developed and implemented copyright awareness programs, contributed to various policies and guidelines, and developed workshops and other informational materials for librarians and faculty alike regarding scholarly communication.

“Libraries play a very key role in the scholarly communication discussion,”she notes. “Libraries are the very physical expression of the term ‘scholarly communication.'”

In addition to providing guidance to the NC State staff, Hoon has given more than 70 presentations nationwide on copyright and fair use. “Peggy is an asset not only to North Carolina State but to the library community as a whole,” exclaims Mary Case, director of scholarly communication, Association of Research Libraries. “Her enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She generously shares her knowledge…through the web resources she has developed and speaking engagements around the country.”