February 17, 2018

Shelley Neville | Movers & Shakers 2002

Love at First Byte

Applying standards in the real world

Many librarians have moved into positions at automation companies after playing traditional library roles in an academic, corporate, or public setting. Not Shelley Neville. “I went into library school knowing I wanted to go into automation,” she said. Currently a library systems analyst at leading vendor epixtech, Neville began her long tenure in the automation field before graduating, starting at the company in its original incarnation as Dynix while an intern during her second semester of library school. It was love at first byte. “The day I graduated in 1988, I went out on my first training trip,” she recalls.

Neville believes a certain synchronicity was at work, guiding her into becoming a techie librarian. “I wasn’t interested in going into traditional librarianship, but I had all the reasons for going to library school.” While far from a computer geek, she found great appeal in the idea of working in automation. “It was a series of events that all came together, and I said, ‘Hey, this could work’–and it has.”


Current position: Library Systems Analyst at epixtech

Degree: MLS, Brigham Young University, 1988

Neville has been active in standards for the last eight years, starting with SISAC (Serials Industry Standards Advisory Committee). The BISAC (Book Industry Study Advisory Committee), she said, “had been around forever and mostly had a role working with the big book vendors–B&N and B&T–but it was much more from the retail side, and the librarians did not have much of a voice.” She knew that serials were so particular to librarianship that there needed to be a group that could modify the BISAC standards to work for the serials industry with invoices. What SISAC initially did was put together the transaction set for claims and invoices. SISAC and BISAC are now combined into BASIC (Book and Serials Industry Committee), and it’s still heavily retail. “Not as many librarians seem to participate…so it’s been nice to participate to make sure that libraries’ needs, which are very different from those of the retail world, are taken into account. I’m part of that.”