February 18, 2018

“One City, One Book” Goes National in Canada

By LJ Staff

After Seattle and Chicago launched citywide book club projects, several
states have taken the concept to another level. Now Canada has embarked on a
national project to read In the Skin of a Lion, a romantic mystery by
Michael Ondaatje. The book, chosen the winner of CBC Radio’s “Canada Reads” project,
was announced April 23 by national librarian Roch Carrier in a live broadcast
from Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. Five prominent Canadians each nominated a
favorite novel; Ondaatje’s book, set in Toronto during the 1920s and 1930s, was
the choice of Steven Page, lead singer of the Barenaked Ladies. For five days,
the list was winnowed during debates broadcast live on CBC Radio. The winner
will now be read in installments on the radio and discussed on other CBC