March 22, 2018

Bilingual Publisher Sets Foot on U.S. Soil

By Debra Lau

Milet Publishing, a bilingual children’s book publisher based in London, has partnered with Consortium Book Sales & Distribution to launch a range of books in the United States.

Founded in 1995 by Patricia Billings and her husband, Sedat Turhan, Milet offers hundreds of dual language titles in 15 languages, including Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese. Its books feature colorful artwork of characters such as Elmer the patchwork elephant and Daisy the ducking, along with clear and easy-to-read text in both languages.

After Milet had published its first series of bilingual children’s books in 1997, the company launched a line of English titles. “Our goal with the English range was to bring a more artistic and international vision to the traditional children’s book market in Britain,” Billings says. The next step was targeting the U.S. and Canada. So far, the response has been positive. “We’re getting good
orders from libraries all over the [U.S.]–library suppliers and educational suppliers,” she adds. Sales of Milet’s books for the spring/summer 2003 season are already underway. For more information, see