February 24, 2018

Hopkins Digital Research Projects Get $3 Million

By LJ Staff

The Sheridan Libraries at The Johns Hopkins University have been awarded two
National Science Foundation grants totaling more than $3 million. According to
Nancy K. Roderer, interim dean of university libraries, both projects focus on
digital research and are collaborative efforts focusing on “applied research
driven by real world educational and scholarly problems.” One project, entitled
“Digital Hammurabi: High-Resolution 3D Imaging of Cuneiform Tablets,” will use a
$1.55 million grant to create three-dimensional images of ancient cuneiform
tablets, the oldest written documents in the world. That project will be a
collaborative effort between the Sheridan Libraries and the university’s
Computer Science Department. The second project, which comes out of the
libraries’ Digital Knowledge Center, will use a $1.5 million grant to enhance a
data capture technique that will allow researchers to digitize a wide range of
cultural materials, “from ancient Greek texts to medieval French manuscripts to
music for the lute from the 17th century.” At the heart of the project is a
symbol recognition program that will be adapted to read musical notes and
typeset and handwritten texts in a variety of both ancient and modern languages.