April 19, 2018

Murder-Suicide in Atlanta-Fulton Branch

By LJ Staff

A library staffer who had clashed with his branch manager shot her to death and then committed suicide just before the South Fulton branch of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library opened on the morning of July 29. John Eggleston had been disciplined by Gladys Dennard at the Union City branch, though library officials did not offer further details. Dennard, 52, had worked for the library for 28 years. A single mother, she left two daughters.

Wrote system director Mary Kaye Hooker in a message forwarded to a mailing list for urban library directors: “The situation is a Director’s worst nightmare and has truly been traumatic for all staff who knew and loved Mrs. Dennard. Fulton County has been wonderful: the police who guarded and protected staff administration from harassment by the media; grief counselors; the County Manager’s office; county Public Information Office; the County Chaplain; MHMR; and my marvel
ous administrative team who contained their absolute devastation to work with the police and staff. There is precious little dignity left if one is left to the media. Fulton County has been very helpful. The branch will be closed for a week and we will work with all staff to ensure that their hurt is assuaged.”