February 17, 2018

Going to the Fringe? Buy a Library Discard

By LJ Staff

At the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, it’s a good bet that attendees
will stop at the book sale tent run by the Edmonton Public Library. According to
the Edmonton Journal, last year, 68,000 volumes were sold on the site, and the
number is expected to grow this year. “Most of the books here are what we call
‘read-out’ books that don’t move anymore,” said the library’s Joan Paton. “Some
of them are multiple copies of popular books where we have ordered 18 or 20 when
they were new releases but now may only need a half-dozen copies in the system.”
The tent is donated and staffed by nearly 70 volunteers. Hardcovers sell for a
dollar and paperbacks for a quarter. Some library patrons bring their own
surplus books to the site and donate them for the library to