February 18, 2018

Barbie’s New Career: Librarian?

By LJ Staff

Librarians always say they need an image makeover, at least in terms of
public stereotypes, so maybe Barbie’s new career will further that. (Could it
foster a new stereotype?) As of November 22, both adults and children who
responded to an online
concerning a new career voted overwhelmingly for librarianship. Of
course, the choices were only three: librarian, architect, and policewoman. The
library career garnered 87 percent of the parental vote, and 50 percent of the
kids’ vote. The votes for architect were seven and 21 percent respectively, and
for policewoman five percent and 28 percent respectively. One can only speculate
about the discrepancy between the votes: part of it may simply be age-related,
but it is also true that well-wired librarians are more likely to stuff ballot
boxes than cops or architects.