February 17, 2018

LFF to Launch the Americans for Libraries Council

By LJ Staff

Libraries for the Future is launching the
Americans for Libraries Council (ALC), and while the official announcement won’t
come for a few weeks, the new ALC emerged last week. On November 21, the ALC and
the Boston Athenaeum presented Reinvesting in Our Libraries, a National Library
Forum. Held in Boston, the event featured Lord Evans, Chairman of Resource: The
British Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries, and discussions of four
libraries making major reinvestments.. The ALC is described as “a national
organization dedicated to championing the role of libraries in American life and
strengthening libraries and library systems.” An ALC statement said, “Now in
formation, the Council is national in scope, and is organized around programs
and projects that benefit libraries across the country. The Council builds on
the work of Libraries for the Future, its current operating arm.” LFF President
Diantha Schull said that some of LFF’s current functions will become functions
of the Council, but said further explanation will be forthcoming next