February 23, 2018

Lincoln Presidential Library Dedicated

By LJ Staff

Local and federal politicos gathered in Springfield, IL, November 18 for the
dedication of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library. Outgoing Illinois Gov.
George Ryan (R) dedicated the $115 million facility, which will house more than
46,000 artifacts relating to the president, his war-torn administration, and the
times in which he lived, many of which have been unavailable for use by
historians. The second edifice in the facility–a museum–will open in 2004. The
dedication comes in the shadow of continuing controversy, including accusations
of political paybacks when Ryan hinted that he might offer the directorship of
the library/museum to his chief of staff. The idea was dropped and insiders
expected Ryan to name a director at the dedication ceremony, but no name was
tendered. Recently, accusations were made that the University of Illinois, host
site for the library, was funneling off Lincoln Library funding for its own use.