February 21, 2018

New Study Finds More Parents Use the Net than Non-Parents

By Walter Minkel

A recent study finds that parents with children under 18 are more likely to
use the Internet than their childless peers. Funded by the Pew Internet and
American Life Project, the study finds that 70 percent of American parents with
children under 18 use the Internet, compared to 53 percent of adults with no
children under 18. The numbers translate into 45 million online parents in the
U.S., comprising 43 percent of all Internet users.

Parents are generally more enthusiastic about technology and less threatened
by technological change than non-parents, the survey also finds. For instance,
parents, whether they use the Internet or not, are more apt to say they are
receptive to information from all kinds of media.

Similarly, parents are also more likely than non-parents to admit that
technology tools give them more control over their lives and help them and their
kids conduct research. Most parents told researchers they felt it was important
for their children to know how to use all forms of technology. Parents are also
more likely to say they enjoy working with computers. For more information on
the study, visit www.pewinternet.org/reports/toc.asp?Report=75.