April 18, 2018

Investigation Promised Over UConn Law Library’s Faulty Facade

By LJ Staff

Six years after the opening of the University of Connecticut’s beautiful, $24
million law library, school and state officials say they will launch an
investigation to find out who is responsible for a major construction defect.
According to the Hartford Courant, an architectural firm hired by the
university has concluded that the library’s granite facade is “dangerously
loose” and could be knocked off by heavy winds. The price tag for repairing the
defect could run as much as $7 million over two years.

Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland says the state will look into who is
responsible for the defect. “We’re looking into our options regarding possible
action against the builders,” Christopher Cooper, Rowland’s spokesman, told
reporters. “We’ve made a significant investment into the UConn law school and
library. We think it’s a premier institution, and this certainly isn’t good
news.” Potential culprits for the faulty facade include the architects who
designed the facade, the contractors, workers who installed the facade and the
Connecticut Department of Public Works who oversaw the project. Meanwhile,
repairs to the facade should not affect the library’s use. “We are told that the
day to day library operations should not be disturbed by any of the repairs on
the building,” said Celeste Feather, Associate Law Librarian for Library