February 16, 2018

WA Official: Don’t Cut State Library

By LJ Staff

Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed, who oversees the Washington State
Library, has urged that Gov. Gary Locke’s proposed cuts be
rejected. “Even crippling this institution by thinning its already bare-bones
budget is illogical and poses consequences that transcend generations,” wrote
Reed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Because the library has already
taken a 23 percent budget hit, any additional cuts will chip away at core
missions such as the wealth of knowledge it provides for state agencies and
.” Moreover, he warned that the library would not be able to
maintain valuable holdings such as the journals of the famous Lewis and Clark
Expedition some 40,000 reels of newspaper microfilm. He added, “Perhaps most
important, as the newest division of the office of the secretary of state, the
Washington State Library is pushing for progress while tightening its own budget