April 26, 2018

All Urban Libraries Now Offer Internet Access

By Lynn Blumenstein

All urban public libraries in the U.S. now offer public access to the Internet, says a study by Florida State University’s Information Use Management and Policy Institute of the School of Information Studies.

Rural libraries fare a bit worse, with 97.8 percent offering Internet access in 2002, up from 93.3 percent reported in 2000.

The survey queried libraries about connectivity and public access, Internet services provision and implementation, public library system funding, digital reference services, and training services. The responses showed that 16.4 percent of libraries block Internet services on all public access workstations, 9.6 percent block on some workstations, and 73.9 percent don’t block Internet services on any public access workstations. The 28-page study can be found at www.ii.fsu.edu/Projects/2002pli/2002.plinternet.study.pdf.