April 26, 2018

Archives for February 2003

Seattle’s New Main Is Behind Schedule But May Catch Up

By LJ Staff The much-vaunted Rem Koolhaas-designed new main library for the Seattle Public Library–expected to cost $162 million–may go over budget and is four months behind schedule. The Seattle Times reported that City Auditor Susan Cohen is ‘very concerned’ about the report’s findings. The auditor’s report said that the library’s aggressive effort to catch […]

Scientists Agree to Self-Censor Research That Could Be Used For Bioterror

By LJ Staff In a troubling sign of the times, editors of some of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals have agreed to implement a policy of self-censoring sensitive biological information that could be used for terrorist purposes. In announcing the new policy at the recent annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement […]

divine Considering Bankruptcy

By LJ Staff Perhaps adding another element of confusion to the messregarding divine Inc. and its bankrupt subscription subsidiary RoweCom, divine announced February 18 that it is considering bankruptcy. In a statement, the company said it ‘has engaged Broadview International LLC as advisors to assist in exploring strategic options, which may include asset divestitures, comparable […]

Cleveland PL Seeks Tax Hike from Voters

By LJ Staff The Cleveland Public Library is asking voters to embrace a five-year, 5.8 mill tax levy that will appear on the May ballot. Critics, however, assert the millage, which would more than double the amount paid by homeowners, is too high and destined for failure in the current tough economic climate. Director Andrew […]

NY Governor Proposes 15% Cut in PL Funding

By LJ Staff Librarians claim that the budget proposed by New York governor George Pataki, which cuts library funding from $89 million to $75.6 million, will decimate service statewide. While education is being reduced 8.5 percent–something that has education advocates up in arms–libraries are being slashed 15 percent, which suggests they are being singled out. […]

PL Internet Access Nearly Universal; Filtering Increases

By LJ Staff No matter the wealth of the community, nearly all public libraries now have an Internet connection, a small but steady rise from the last comprehensive national study two years ago. These findings come from Public Libraries and the Internet 2002: Internet Connectivity and Networked Services<Public Libraries and the Internet 2002: Internet Connectivity […]

Public Backlash Saves Some of Florida State Library

By LJ Staff A huge public backlash, involving librarians, historians, archivists, and many newspaper editorial boards, has forced Florida Governor Jeb Bush to back off from some of his plan to close the Florida State Library and transfer its collections to other agencies and even a university. Indeed, on February 19, House Speaker Johnnie Byrd, […]

Minneapolis Picks Non-Librarian as Director

By LJ Staff In what is sure to be a point of contention among librarians, the Minneapolis Public Library Board has chosen a lawyer and government veteran to run the library, rather than a director with a library degree. Katherine (Kit) Hadley is the outgoing Commissioner of the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA) and has […]

Oxford University Press Acquires Grove Dictionaries

By LJ Staff Oxford University Press announced that is has agreed to purchase Palgrave MacMillan’s award-winning Grove Dictionaries line. Oxford quickly emerged as the favorite to acquire the series, which include The New Grove Dictionary Of Music And Musicians and The New Grove Dictionary Of Art plus their online editions, after MacMillan put the line […]

Sirsi Debuts Rooms Context Management Solution

By LJ Staff At the recent American Library Association Midwinter Meeting, Sirsi Corporation announced the marketing of a new product called Rooms, which it calls a Context Management Solution. The release actually is a trio of products: Rooms; Rooms Builder; and Rooms Blueprints. Like most of the add-ons marketed by vendors, it is a stand-along […]