February 17, 2018

Child Lured from New Jersey Library Found Slain

By LJ Staff

The body of a three-year-old boy lured from the Colonia Branch of Woodbridge Public Library, NJ, was found in a drain pipe several blocks away after being slain by a killer authorities say is a ten-year-old boy. According to the New York Times, police said Amir Beeks followed the suspect, whose name was withheld because of his juvenile status, from the library at roughly 4:25 p.m. March 26. Details are sketchy, but police believe the victim was approached when his guardian, a relative (possibly his mother), used the library’s bathroom, leaving the boy in the care of his older sister, who is five. Somehow, the suspect managed to get Beeks to follow him outside, and witnesses confirm the two were seen walking together several blocks away. Beeks was led to the rear yard of the suspect’s residence and sexually assaulted and beaten with a baseball bat. Louise Cangelosi, Colonia’s branch head, told LJ that the prosecutor’s office has requested the library “not to make any comment” on the crime, but she did offer that “there was absolutely nothing incorrect done in this building.”