March 20, 2018

Harry Potter and the Magic Money-Making Machine

By LJ Staff

The publishing industry is slowly adopting Hollywood’s distasteful habit of releasing multiple video/DVD versions of a film with minor differences in order to generate more sales to diehard fans. Bloomsbury Publishing announced it is releasing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with two distinct covers, for children and adult readers. According to the AP, the adult version features a plain black and white cover with a phoenix, while the children’s version is more lavishly illustrated color portrait of the spectacled fledgling wizard. At $30 apiece, fans will have to shell out a hefty sum for the dual copies. The fifth installment in the series hits stores June 21 with a first print run of 6.8 million copies, and reports already receiving more than 130,000 preorders. Libraries also must gear up: for example, the AP reports a waiting list of 1000 in the Davis County Library in Farmington, UT. Fans of author J.K. Rowling should know that she birth to a son, David Gordon Rowling Murray, March 23, in Edinburgh, Scotland.