February 17, 2018

More Publishers Sign EBSCO Deal

By LJ Staff

A growing number of publishers say they have signed onto the deal put forth by EBSCO Industries to purchase bankrupt divine, inc.’s failed RoweCom subscription business, prompting Elsevier to distribute a statement declaring that the “period of uncertainty” was over for libraries. Elsevier officials said last week that the company would continue to deliver its subscriptions to libraries throughout the 2003 subscription year, thereby preventing “gaps” in library collections. Additional publishers, including the University of Chicago Press, Taylor & Francis, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said that they too had signed the EBSCO/RoweCom agreement and would fulfill orders. Still, an EBSCO spokesperson said it was still too soon to provide concrete numbers regarding how many publishers and libraries have signed the pre-paid order agreement

There’s another reason for uncertainty, however: as noted by some publishers, it seems that some subscriber data collected by RoweCom from libraries is incomplete and could affect fulfillment. Participating libraries are asked to contact participating publishers to confirm their orders.

As for competing agents, a spokesperson for German subscription agent Harrassowitz says the company welcomes the opportunity to do new business, but is most concerned with the well-being of libraries. “A number of libraries have sought out Harrassowitz as an alternative for handling subscriptions that were formerly held by divine/RoweCom/Faxon,” noted Harrassowitz spokesperson Knut Dorn. He added, however, in what appears to be a nod to EBSCO, that Harrassowitz “respects the options that have been forged by other parties that will benefit libraries, who have suffered the greatest financial losses from this situation.” Dorn said that all subscription agents “stand to benefit from the financial health of libraries.”