February 17, 2018

Serials Solutions Introducing Journal Linker

By LJ Staff

Serials Solutions, which has made great strides in the library market in recent years, is now marketing Journal Linker, a product that bridges the gap between a citation and its full text. When librarians or patrons perform a search in a subscribed database and find a citation, they can click on the “Search for Full Text” hyperlink on the screen. Journal Linker then displays the library’s holdings for that title, whether it is print, electronic, or microform. For local holdings, the link often includes MARC records. The product works with a number of popular databases, including EBSCO, Gale, OCLC First Search, ProQuest, and Ovid. The company is offering Journal Linker free to existing customers, who need only log into the Client Center. All linking is housed at Serials Solutions’ Seattle headquarters, so no downloading is necessary.