April 20, 2018

Carol Gulyas | Movers & Shakers 2003

Asserting Our Position


“The library field is still engaged in valuable and urgent work…in a time when it is not an exaggeration to speculate that we are entering another Dark Ages,” says Carol Gulyas. That faith in library work is what called her back to pursue her MLS “in midlife,” as she puts it, following a highly successful business career. After graduating with honors from Indiana University (with a minor in library science), Gulyas sought a publishing career, then fell into advertising and rose to the top, ultimately becoming second in command at a large Midwestern agency. The job took her on the road more than once a month, often overseas, and by the year 2000 she was “jaded, cynical, and thoroughly burned out.”

Having served stints at Northwestern and Loyola University libraries while still attending classes, Gulyas already knows she loves library work, especially one-on-one reference and information services directly with clients. Those experiences also confirmed for her that she would like to work in an academic library, providing information literacy instruction and helping to get librarians more involved in a “dialog about academic freedom.”

She also wants to contribute to enhancing the library field and has found one venue in the American Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Round Table. “I think we librarians should be more alarmist about the current erosion of our intellectual freedoms,” she says. She wants to be part of that “assertiveness.” Gulyas believes that her talents and experience with writing, presentations, management, and marketing can be used to help libraries “position themselves as a service the world cannot live without.”

She has already used those skills to tell her colleagues
that library education should focus on what librarianship does for society “that
no other profession can provide” (“Library Ed Must
Get the Focus Right
,” LJ
11/15/02, p. 47). She finds in librarianship “a clear sense of meaning.” For Gulyas, the job ahead is to work with her peers to convey aggressively that meaning to the world.




Degree: MLS anticipated, Dominican University, River Forest, IL, 2003

Hobby: Certified SCUBA Diver