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Archives for May 2003

Man Arrested for Child Porn at Scranton, PA Library

By LJ Staff A man who spent three years in prison for child pornography was arrested after accessing similar material at the Scranton Public Library, PA. Michael Baranow was caught after a library employee discovered that he had been accessing such material, according to the Scranton Times Tribune. After the library contacted police, a detective […]

Oregon Filtering Bill Stalls

By LJ Staff A bill in Oregon that would make state funding for public libraries contingent on filtering “visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct” has stalled in committee after legislative lawyers said it was unconstitutional. According to the AP, Greg Chaimov, the Legislature’s top legal adviser, said the state constitution prohibits the government from blocking […]

Indiana State Library Gains $15M Renovation

By LJ Staff A $15 million renovation over two years at the Indiana State Library has added space and improved connections between the library’s 1932 original building and its 1976 western extension. “The two [buildings] were not well integrated at all,” architect Steve Robinson told the Indiana Business Journal. The library once housed the Indiana […]

Reeling Private Montreal Library Gets Publicly-Funded Reprieve

By LJ Staff The Fraser-Hickson Library in Montreal opened in 1885, before the city gained public libraries, and since then has been funded mainly by a private endowment. But the fall of the stock market has caused a crisis; last year the library required adult members to pay a $25 borrowing fee. Even so, the […]

High-Octane Authors Hit the Highway

By Debra Lau Whelan Louis Sachar, Lois Lowry, Jennifer Armstrong, and Kimberly Willis Holt are hitting the road as part of Dell Laurel-Leaf’s Readers Circle USA Teens Read Author Tour. A total of seven young adult authors, including Adam Bagdasarian, Janet Tashjian, and Ruth Pennebaker, will divide into four teams, traveling the country to speak […]

After SARS Outbreak, ALA Extends Conference Cancellation Deadlines

By LJ Staff The new outbreak of SARS over the Memorial Day weekend (see LJ Academic Newswire 5/27/03) has raised new questions about the viability of the American Library Association/Canadian Library Association joint Annual Conference June 19-25. ALA officials on May 28 issued a FAQ regarding the conference. Given that neither the Centers for Disease […]

Santa Clara University Gets $4M Gift

By LJ Staff William Hannon’s foundation, which gave $20 million for a new library at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, also will give Santa Clara University (SCU), located in Silicon Valley, $4 million for its new library. The gift specifically will be used for an automated storage and retrieval system. SCU is in the […]

Emerging Seattle Library Gets a Thumbs Up

By LJ Staff As part of a May 18 New York Times Magazine special issue on architecture, Seattle writer Claire Dederer mused about the new central facility of the Seattle Public Library designed by Rem Koolhaas, scheduled to open next year. “Seattleites aren’t buying it. To hear people talk, there are a million reasons not […]

Gale Signs On to Sponsor Times Librarian Awards

By LJ Staff The third annual New York Times Librarian Awards, which will expand beyond the New York tri-state area for 2003, has gained an additional sponsor: Gale, a Thomson business. “In North America, 100 percent of the reference collections of public and academic libraries include Gale products, so we know librarians well and appreciate […]

Total Information Awareness? Now It’s Terrorism Information Awareness

By LJ Staff Remember the Pentagon’s projected Total Information Awareness system, which would mine databases to help track terrorists? Now it’ll be the Terrorist Information Awareness program, government officials say, because the previous name created the misleading false impression that system would be used to “for developing dossiers on U.S. citizens.” The program hasn’t been […]