April 23, 2018

Emerging Seattle Library Gets a Thumbs Up

By LJ Staff

As part of a May 18 New York Times Magazine special issue on architecture, Seattle writer Claire Dederer mused about the new central facility of the Seattle Public Library designed by Rem Koolhaas, scheduled to open next year. “Seattleites aren’t buying it. To hear people talk, there are a million reasons not to build this library,” she wrote, adding that many locals felt that the dramatic postmodernist design would detract from the cozy, book-loving edifice they imagined. But a visit to the building itself, along with City Librarian Deborah Jacobs and Sam Miller, an architect on the project, left the author at ease. “The logic of the place and its friendliness to the reader are apparent,” she wrote. “Koolhaas’s building didn’t feel like a trick someone was playing on my city. It felt like a clever anticipation of everything a reader could want. I felt as if it had been designed just for me.