February 24, 2018

Historian Challinor Named by Bush to Chair NCLIS

By LJ Staff

President George Bush has named historian Joan Ridder Challinor to chair
NCLIS, the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. She
succeeds Martha Gould whose term on the commission expired earlier this month.
Challinor, a resident of Washington, DC, was appointed to her current term on
the commission by President Bill Clinton in 2000; she was first appointed to the
commission in 1995.

“The past few years have been a time of intensive reexamination of the role
of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science,” said Gould.
“The designation of a new chairman and the efforts of the White House to fill
vacant positions on the commission indicate to me that the Administration
recognizes the ongoing and important role that NCLIS can play in developing
policy proposals for our information age.” Challinor will serve as chair until
Bush appoints new members to the commission and designates one to succeed her.
There are currently 12 vacancies on the commission; the U.S. Senate must confirm
nominees for these positions before they can be appointed.