February 17, 2018

Allen County PL, IN Begins $84M Upgrade

By LJ Staff

Over the next few years, $20 million will be spent in overhauling most of the
branches at the Allen County Public Library, IN. Recently the Shawnee branch
reopened in Fort Wayne after a seven-month $960,000 renovation. The Woodburn
branch also debuted, with a new 7500 square foot facility more than three times
larger than the previous building. The entire $84 million project will result in
11 renovated or rebuilt branches, including $65 million for an expansion at the
main library in Fort Wayne, due to be completed in 2006. The original portion of
the main library is now more than thirty years old and more space is for needed
books, computer workstations, patrons, and staff. Because of the building’s
design, 80 percent of the books had been stored away in closed stacks in the
basement and sub-basement. The building will be expanded by about 50