February 17, 2018

Librarians Bitten Trying to Subdue Thief

By LJ Staff

Just when you think you’ve heard it all comes this report from Crawfordsville District Public Library, IN. When attempting to subdue a thief, librarians Debbie Barry and Christina Crouch were bitten by the suspect. While an accomplice distracted the librarians, Anna Davis allegedly grabbed bills from the library’s cash drawer and fled the building with the librarians in pursuit. The two caught Davis and, while grappling with her to retrieve the money, the woman bit both of them in the struggle. Davis’s accomplice, later identified as Kevin Kamradt, pulled Davis free and the two fled. They were picked up later by police and the money retrieved. The library had been robbed on previous occasions, leading Director Larry Hathaway to warn staffers not to tussle with thieves. Barry however, told the Journal Review, “It made me mad because it’s happened before and we’re tired of it.” The librarians’ wounds–Crouch was bitten on the chest, Barry on the thumb–were treated and the two returned to their duties. Davis and Kamradt, who have prior arrest records for similar petty crimes, were charged with robbery and battery.