February 17, 2018

Brighter Economic Forecast Spares Hawaii Library System’s Budget

By LJ Staff

The Hawaii Public Library System received a reprieve from pending cuts thanks to a brighter economic forecast than initially envisioned. Newly appointed Hawaii State Librarian Jo Ann Schindler told LJ that the library “has zero restrictions on the new budget.” In fiscal year 2003, the system’s total budget was $23,558,494. For FY04, the library is getting $24,530,903, but $1 million of that is designated for a specific library that is opening, so that cash is not available in the general pool for the system’s 50 libraries. Initially, it appeared that the library would receive up to a five percent cut–or restrictions–to its budget but a recent boost in the local economy prevented the necessity of budget cuts. It is a welcomed change, as Schindler insists that “experiencing a decade of cuts gets pretty demoralizing for our staff and our public.”