February 17, 2018

Schindler Named Hawaii State Librarian

By LJ Staff

Acting Hawaii State Librarian Jo Ann Schindler has been named permanently to that post. Schindler told LJ she has “no major changes planned immediately,” but added that she’s been “meeting with staff on all six islands and we’re holding a reexamination of our core services. We have to examine each of those very carefully to establish whether they still make sense for us.” She said that several of the librarians she’s consulted with say that many of the core functions should be updated. Schindler is also asking staff members to list the top priorities for funding and training. “I feel we have fallen behind in terms of technology,” she said. “We need to keep up our skills as well as the hardware and software, a lot of that requires training and retraining of our staff in order for them to do the best job they can.”