June 18, 2018

Egypt’s Alexandria Library Withdraws Display of Protocols

By LJ Staff

The Alexandria Library in Egypt has withdrawn a display of the first Arabic translation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an enduring 19th century anti-Semitic tract, after United Nations cultural officials protested. The library said in a statement, “Preliminary investigation determined that the book was briefly displayed in a showcase devoted to rotating samples of curiosities and unusual items in our collection. The book was never displayed alongside the Jewish Torah nor has it ever been stated that it is a holy book or the basis for a Jewish constitution. The book is a well-known 19th century fabrication to foment anti-Jewish feelings. The book was promptly withdrawn from public display, but its very inclusion showed bad judgment and insensitivity, and an internal administrative hearing is underway to determine whether further action is to be taken.”