March 20, 2018

Arsonist Targets Springfield-Greene County Library

By LJ Staff

A January 19 fire, which investigators say was deliberately set, ravaged the Library Center, the headquarters of the Springfield-Greene County Library, MO, causing an unspecified amount of damage both from the flames and the water from the facility’s sprinkler system. According to officials, fires were started in three locations inside the library by a perpetrator who broke into the building’s drive-up window. Roughly 6000 volumes were damaged, mostly by water. Library Director Annie Busch told the press that, while the sprinklers may have caused some damage, they prevented the fire from spreading and possibly consuming the facility’s full 150,000-item collection. Security cameras unfortunately did not capture the arsonist’s face, so police have no suspects, but believe that it is someone who has a specific grudge against the library. The library was to be closed for at least a week.