April 19, 2018

UConn Faculty Resolution Urges Action on Scholarly Communication

By LJ Staff

Feeling the budget crunch hitting most university libraries, the University of Connecticut Faculty Senate has adopted a resolution that asks faculty members to become more aware of more cost-effective methods of scholarly communication, and asks the university library to help. A February 9 report, issued to faculty from UConn’s University Budget Committee, states flatly that “library budgets can no longer keep pace with the exploding volume and cost of acquiring comprehensive collections of scholarly journals and monographs.” In response, the resolution adopted this week, calls on all UConn faculty, staff, and students “to become familiar with the business practices of journals and journal publishers in their specialty.”

It “especially encourages senior tenured faculty” to submit and referee fewer papers for journals whose practices are in conflict with the goals of scholarly communication, or to resign from editorial boards of such journals. The Faculty Senate also calls on university administrators “to reward efforts by faculty, staff, and students to start or support more sustainable models for scholarly communication.” Finally, the resolution calls on the university library to provide “resources that help faculty, staff, and students” better understand the business of scholarly communication. The UConn resolution, said UConn biologist Kent Holsinger, was in part spurred by a report describing a similar resolution at UC Santa Cruz, which focused on the ‘big deal’ with Elsevier.