February 17, 2018

Vaclav Havel to Set Up Library

By LJ Staff

Vaclav Havel, dissident-turned-Czech president, plans to set up a presidential library, though not quite along the U.S. lines. According to the AP, the library will collect Havel’s papers and literary works–he is a well-known playwright–and also house exhibitions on the former communist regime and on rebuilding democracy. It should not only help the country come to terms with its past, but also add to the literature on the period, Havel said. He helped lead the peaceful 1989 revolution that ousted the communist government. He became president of Czechoslovakia that year, then served as Czech president from January 1993, after the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He left office in 2003. No details have emerged as to when and where the library will open.