April 19, 2018

Heritage Health Index Survey Begins in July

By LJ Staff

How healthy are your collections? That’s what Heritage Preservation, a non-profit organization including libraries, museums, and archives, wants to know–and beginning this summer, they’re going to ask. The Heritage Health Index questionnaire will be sent to some 16,000 archives, historical societies, libraries, museums, and scientific organizations nationwide. It will survey the condition and preservation needs of collections, which, officials say, will produce the first “national picture of the state of artistic, historic, and scientific collections.” Officials say the survey, to be completed every four years, will be used to build consensus on long-range planning efforts and to help make a persuasive case for critically needed funds from policy makers, trustees, and prospective donors. The HHI should also assist administrators in making resource allocations and educating the public. The Heritage Health Index has received major funding from Institute for Museum and Library Services and the Getty Grant Program, plus other foundations.