April 22, 2018

University of Arizona May Cut Books and Journals

By LJ Staff

Facing a budget gap expecting to swell to $1.3 million by 2006, the University of Arizona (UA) library is looking at a plan to slash journal subscriptions and book acquisitions by 16 percent over the next two years. According to UA Library Dean Carla Stoffle, librarians will work with faculty members to assemble a list of potential cuts by this summer, with the cuts then implemented over two years. “We didn’t receive budget increases for last two years, and we are going into next year with no indication that we’ll have any budget increase,” Stoffle said. Despite efforts to cut costs, the library was “out of ways to cope,” she said, given serials costs that increase nearly ten percent each year.

The UA library budget is roughly $9 million annually. Stoffle said that, “in the abstract” faculty members now have a more general understanding of the problems the libraries face, “but they’ve yet to see the list of titles to be cut, and when they see that list, it will hit home.” Stoffle said there were likely to be few journals on the cut list that faculty members would deem “less essential.” She says she believes the only real solution to the cycle of serials cancellations in academic libraries is a “more reasonable” STM industry, and the success of alternative models such as open access and institutional repositories.