February 20, 2018

Hartford PL’s Web Site Backs Mayor’s Initiative

By LJ Staff

The Hartford Public Library, CT, and its new online site, HartfordInfo, will serve as a resource for Mayor Eddie Perez’s Community Building Initiative. This is a grassroots effort to address critical issues facing neighborhoods in the city’s North End. The library’s site was established to promote the well being of Hartford’s communities by democratizing information and data from a wide variety of sources, making it easily accessible, and facilitating its interpretation and use. The mayor’s initiative empowers residents to make positive changes at the neighborhood level, through a “Communities That Care” planning model.

HartfordInfo provides local as well as national data on topics such as public education, public health, juvenile justice, vital records, crime data, census records, mortgage information, and employment data. It also provides full text access to key Hartford documents such as the city charter, reports of the mayor’s homeownership and workforce development initiatives, and others. It will maintain indicators of economic and social progress for Hartford as a whole as well as for neighborhoods and communities. HartfordInfo is a member of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP), a consortium of 21 cities around the country, coordinated by the Urban Institute in Washington, DC. NNIP is dedicated to the maintenance of community information systems and to promoting the use of information and data in local policymaking and community building. The site is made possible through partnerships and grant support.