February 16, 2018

Archives for July 2004

NCLIS to Recognize Libraries That Promote Healthy Lifestyle

By LJ Staff The U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) has announced the NCLIS Blue Ribbon Consumer Health Information Recognition Award for Libraries, which will honor library programs that do the best job of offering health information to their users. Each state library agency has been invited to submit nominees, which will […]

Wichita PL Shuts Briefly During Investigation

By LJ Staff The Wichita Public Library, KS, suffered a recent case of very eerie déjà vu. In 1974, a notorious serial killer who called himself BTK left a public letter about his deeds in a library book–and called the Wichita Eagle to tell them where to find the letter. On July 17, the central […]

Darn It: Salty Words Censored in Utah PL

By LJ Staff A visitor to the Davis County Library, Farmington, UT, is ticked off by profanity in the “Murder, She Wrote” mystery series–and has been using purple ink to write “darn” or “heck” over “damn” and “hell.” “It would be by luck or a total accident if we were to catch [the culprit],” library […]

Raising Money For Libraries: UA’s $8 Million Man

By LJ Staff How does a librarian with no formal fundraising training become a formidable fundraiser? At a session at the ALA Annual Conference, Sam Huang, assistant dean for external relations, University of Arizona (UA) described his path. He launched his efforts as special collections curator at Northern Illinois University and was so successful he […]

Berkeley’s Hargrove Music Library Opens in New $13M Building

By LJ Staff After two years of construction, the new three-story, 28,500 square foot Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library opened on the University of California-Berkeley campus on July 7. The $13 million price tag was supported by a $4 million donation from UC-Berkeley class of 1935 and concert pianist Jean Gray Hargrove, after whom the […]

Patron Calls Cops on Web Surfer at Palm Beach Library

By LJ Staff What happens when a patron is disturbed by another patron’s web surfing and the library doesn’t share his concern? In Palm Beach, FL, it led to an arrest. Brian Nugent was sitting at a computer at the main branch of the Palm Beach County Library System when he ‘noticed a gentleman in […]

CUNY Creates New University Librarian Position

By LJ Staff The City University of New York has named Curtis L. Kendrick, 46, to fill the newly created position of university librarian, starting Sept. 1. “It’s an expanded and elevated position,” said CUNY spokeswoman Rita Rodin, noting that the previous system-wide librarian reported to University Dean for Academic Affairs and Chief Technical Officer […]

Joey Rodger Honored With ULC Leadership Endowment

By LJ Staff Joey Rodger, recently departed president of the Urban Libraries Council (ULC), has been honored with a leadership endowment that will provide leadership training each year to a library professional. She left ULC after 11 years to become executive director of the Pendle Hill Peace Network. “Joey’s great gift to the ULC has […]

Richland County Funding Increase Attributed to Advocacy, Service

By LJ Staff The Richland County Public Library (RCPL), Columbia, SC, has received a six percent increase in its funding for fiscal year 2005, coming from an increase in millage, hospitality tax collections, and state aid. The increase brings RCPL’s funding to about $50 per capita. “An increase in funding this year–when the economy is […]

Oxford to Move Journal to Full Open Access

By LJ Staff After positive initial results from Oxford University Press’s open access “experiment” with Nucleic Acids Research (NAR), the press announced it will move to a full open access publishing model from January 2005. It has been published under a subscription model for 32 years and includes around 1000 original research papers per year; […]