February 17, 2018

Archives for July 2004

Elsevier Names McSean Director of Library Relations

By LJ Staff Tony McSean has his work cut out for him: he was named July 23 as Elsevier’s new director of library relations. Those relations have been strained of late, as some university libraries have negotiated hard on the publisher’s bundled STM deals, with some even dropping the packages. McSean, who will be based […]

Reverberations Around Memphis: Independent Branch Loses System Privileges

By LJ Staff The decision by the suburban city of Germantown, TN to leave the Memphis-Shelby County Public Library and Information Center has sparked some tensions, as Germantown residents have lost borrowing privileges in the city-county system, leading Germantown officials and local residents to consider a lawsuit. "There was an assumption by staff in Germantown […]

WA Tax Cut Initiative Fails

By LJ Staff The grass-roots effort to block a tax-cutting ballot measure, Initiative 864 in Washington State, has succeeded. Librarians and others picketed those gathering signatures to get on the November ballot. To get Initiative 864 on the November ballot, signatures from at least 197,734 registered voters would have had to be collected by July […]

WebFeat 3 Upgrade Offers Personalization Power

By LJ Staff WebFeat is now marketing its new incarnation, WebFeat 3, which sports a number of new personalization capabilities called MyWebFeat. According to the company, MyWebFeat lets users organize and display library databases in exactly the way they wish, creating subject categories to match their research needs., Users can “modify the look and feel […]

Free For All: UK STM Committee Report Calls For Broad Change

By LJ Staff In a remarkable conclusion to the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into STM publishing, the committee last week issued its final report, entitled Scientific Publications: Free For All?, which recommended that all publicly funded research in the UK be made publicly available and that government take a leading role in […]

UK’s Middlesex University Contracts for Dynix/Bibliotheca RFID System

By LJ Staff London’s Middlesex University will be Dynix’s first client for its RFID system, which was developed by partner company Bibliotheca. The system is being supplied by D-Tech Direct, Bibliotheca’s UK distribution agent. Middlesex, a Dynix customer for a decade, will install the system in its Hendon Campus Library, which opens in September. The […]

Serials Solutions Founder Discusses ProQuest Deal

By LJ Staff Peter McCracken, librarian and founder of Serials Solutions, met recently with LJ to discuss his company’s recent acquisition by ProQuest. McCracken said the purchase will give Serials Solutions new resources and bring an improved infrastructure. “This will allow us to focus on the things we do best,” he said. McCracken confirmed that […]

Librarian + Pie Recipe = $1M

By LJ Staff The Pillsbury Bake-Off was lucrative for one children’s librarian, whose recipe for a pie combining oats and walnuts with chocolate chips and crumbled granola bars won her $1 million, in $50,000 installments. Suzanne Conrad, of Findlay, OH, told the AP it took a week to perfect her Oats ‘n Honey Granola Pie. […]

Congress To NIH: Public Funds Should Equal Public Access

By LJ Staff Another blow for open access? The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has approved a provision in connection with the FY 2005 National Institutes of Health (NIH) appropriation that recommends free public access to research articles resulting from NIH-funded research. The report calls on NIH to offer access to authors’ final manuscripts […]

$3 Billion to Gates Foundation: Will Libraries Get a Share?

By LJ Staff Last week, Microsoft mogul Bill Gates, co-founder and trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said he would donate to the family foundation all his proceeds from a one-time Microsoft stock dividend–about $3 billion. “The pledge today is recognition that our world, the nation, and our region–now more than ever–can and […]