February 24, 2018

Should Birth of a Nation Be Removed from Library Collection?

By LJ Staff

Reverend Curtis E. Gatewood, a former president of the Durham, NC, arm of the NAACP, has asked that the film The Birth of a Nation be removed from the Granville County Library’s video collection because of its depiction of the Ku Klux Klan, the AP reported. In a letter to county library director Louise Dorton, Gatewood stated that allowing the 1915 film, which is considered a silent classic, to be sanctioned for public use in the library’s collection ‘is the equivalent to publicly providing materials that would support, celebrate, and recruit members to join violent groups such as those who rained terror on this nation September 11, 2001.’ Gatewood has not filed an official complaint with the library, as required in all reconsideration decisions. Dorton said that Gatewood’s is the sole complaint against the title and that she’d like to meet with him to discuss the matter.